My first art collaboration was with wunderkind artist, Amani Lewis, for “Negros in the Trees #4”; a mixed-media portrait of Baltimore trumpeter, Brandon Woody. The Negros in the Trees series instantly transported me back to the painful history of African Americans. Those emotions ultimately influenced my textile selections for the piece, which included cotton and jute. I hand sewed through the canvas the cotton for his shirt and attached jute rope in patterns for his pants.

“Negros in the Trees #4” was shown in Amani’s Subjective Nature show at the August Wilson African American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

This year was a banner year for Amani, check out their shoppable art collaboration with Google.

Details of hand sewn cotton and jute rope added to “Negros in the Trees #4” by Amani Lewis
Conversation with Dr. Cornel West; curator Kilolo Luckett; and artist, Amani Lewis at the opening of Subjective Nature at AACC-AWC in Pittsburgh, PA.