I had the pleasure of sitting with artist, Charles Mason III aka Trae, over several days as he painted in his Highlandtown studio. We chatted about family, music, navigating our crafts as black people, and managed to throw in a lil’ pop culture as well. I watched as he worked on four different paintings, incorporating paper bags, paints, oil sticks, etc. I admire his ability to create without laboring over each detail. As I delve deeper into my art practice I aspire to create with such freedom as Charles Mason III.

I had the privilege of naming one of the four pieces he created during our session; it is simply titled “bloom.”

“bloom.” by Charles Mason III, named by Keisha Ransome

Several weeks after Da Sitting I visited Trae’s studio again for a photo shoot. I drew inspiration from his layering process and wore four tulle skirts from the lotus bloom co.’s stock pile for dramatic effect.

photo by four