As a Baltimore-bred, self-taught fashion designer, my environment influences how I present fashion and express my art. Tulle, a thin, fine machine-made netting, is my chosen medium, which is a stark contrast to the denseness of city living.  It is malleable and I find its ability to fill space intriguing.  I attribute a large part of my attention to detail to my education, which includes a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and Masters in City and Regional Planning. 

My relationship with tulle began when I launched the lotus bloom co., a tulle centric fashion brand that has allowed me to explore the function of the fabric with each garment I construct.

In 2019, I began my art journey which led to several collaborations with then studio mate and artist, Amani Lewis. I sewed textiles to several of their portraits, which have been shown in Untitled Art at Miami Basel and the August Wilson African American Cultural Center in Pittsburgh. In January 2022, I will share my I first art collection and I look forward to you experiencing it.



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